The Pilgrims

of the Camino Primitivo

The Unexpected Family

During the Camino you coincide with many pilgrims; with some you will share a table because you feel like it, and with others because chance has wanted it. And of all of them, some will arrive in Santiago de Compostela with you, others will do it before, others after, and others on another occasion, or maybe never.

These strangers with whom you share snoring, blisters and walks in the rain, establish some completely surprising ties that, in some cases, last much longer than the same Camino.

Agata, peregrina del Camino Primitivo


Lithuanian. Crazy, friendly and cheerful. He worked in a nursery and had bought himself a second-hand Opel Astra. He likes the blue colour, and permanently shows a charming smile.


Valencian. Tall and deep-voiced, he knew perfectly where he could binge on food. He is 35 years old, and his favourite colour is bottle-green.

Germán, peregrino del Camino Primitivo
Leonie, peregrina del Camino Primitivo


Frenchwoman. Nice, his sloppy Spanish gave us many laughs. He is twenty-three years old and really likes the green colour.


Argentine. Interesting and fun, excellent company. Writer, former lawyer, he is 42 years old, and his favourite colour is red. He has published Desde la habitación del sur, Big Bang, Jauría y Bengalas.

L'Enrique, pelegrí
La Carme, pelegrina


Mallorcan. It was the only one that continued to Fisterra. Friendly, nice, and sweet. She was 26 years old, has blue eyes and is a pharmacist. His favourite colour is green.


Catalan. Athletic, nervous, and fun. He confirmed the theory of the Leoni that Catalan speakers all wore piercings. He is from Barcelona, he is 31 years old, and his favourite colour is black-and-red.

Joan, peregrino del Camino Primitivo
Paco, peregrino del Camino Primitivo


Valencian. Friend of Germán. Friendly and very talkative, calm, he aimed to make the Camino a little unforeseen, but he was one of the few who finished with two credentials: the Compostelan and the Franciscan.


Catalan. She lives in Algeciras, works as a nurse in Gibraltar and is Álvaro’s partner. Its favourite colour is blue-rain

La Sandra, pelegrina
La Magdalena, pelegrina


Andalusian. She lives in Algeciras, works as a nurse in Gibraltar and is Sandra’s partner. It has no preferred color.


Polish. She had done the French Way in summer. She was 26 years old, sings very well, lives in London and his favourite colour is dark red.

La Magdalena, pelegrina
El Víctor, pelegrí


Valencian. He was doing the Camino with Sergio, with whom they had met on social networks sharing hobbies, and had decided to meet on the Camino in person. He is software developer and his favourite colour is red.

Astrid & his father

Danesos. L’Astrid semblava tímida, tot i que suposo que viatjant amb el pare, és més difícil deixar-se anar. En aquest sentit, eren molt “nòrdics”. El color preferit dels dos és el verd.

L'Astrid i el seu pare, pelegrins

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